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Why Join CFA?


Cheerleading is a team sport that incorporates people’s strengths to achieve the best outcome for the team. Cheer squads need a genuinely inclusive environment to succeed.


Cheer is a fast-paced way to learn gymnastics floor skills in a safe environment. Or if you’re already a gymnast, cheerleading is a great way to use your skills in a fun and supportive team environment.


Cheerleading builds confidence as you make new friends, learn to perform in front of an audience and face new challenges.


Critical to childhood development, in cheerleading we learn self-awareness in two ways. Physical self-awareness and being aware of what our bodies are doing through the air and on the floor. Emotional self-awareness means thinking about how we are conducting ourselves in a new unfamiliar environment (e.g. at a national competition). Both forms of self-awareness are priceless skills to take beyond cheerleading into everyday life.


CFA is a judgement free zone! Our place in a family is often like the role a person takes in a team and as people develop as athletes the gym becomes a place where they can be themselves and they don’t feel judged by anyone.


A lot of individuals I have worked with have never done gymnastics or dance and think that they will not be able to compete as a Competitve Cheerleader. However once they walk through the doors at the gym and see that all it takes is them giving it 100% they realize that they have what it takes. While developing tumbling and stunting skills take some people longer than others, we are all capable and becoming a cheerleader is possible at a level that suits us. Cheerleading has no limits not for people with a disability and it suits all ages. We have athletes from 4yrs -18 yrs and they all have one thing in common: they are willing to give it 100%!


The sport of cheerleading is unique as it incorporates different aspects of other activities to create a routine. When joining a cheer team, you are signing up to not only learn a tumbling or gymnastics element, you are learning to do partner stunts, dance and jump as well. Not only that, you’re cramming those skills into one, intensive 2 and a half minute routine in preparation for competition! It may sound a bit intimidating but these skills and the routine are developed for several months before competition season. Once you start to wrap your mind around all the different aspects of cheerleading you will be surprised how fast you pick it all up!


A Cheerleading routine is 2 and a half minutes of intense stunting, tumbling and jumping…basically you never stop! Cheerleading is a fun and interactive way to get fit. It can be hard to get motivated to go to the gym but when your teammate is relying on you to show up to training to lift them up in the air it creates a commitment that’s much harder to break than ‘going it alone’. Often a coach will incorporate a conditioning aspect to training. This may be exercises not directly linked to cheerleading, but which will benefit the team’s overall fitness and improve their chances of success.


Cheerleading helps team members set goals. Achieving goals large or small is what generates our sense of achievement. Setting goals is one way to sort through what we want out of life versus what we think we should do. Through cheerleading we start to automatically set goals as it becomes part of our nature.


Finally, the glitz and the glam of cheerleading is one factor that attracts a crowd! It’s a fun excuse to wear sparkly uniforms, dressed like your friends in safe environment with no judgement! An oversized bow in your hair gives you a bit of extra sass! These things are the cherry on top of our sport that make it more fun for girls of all ages.



What much is it to join?

In order to join the CFA program, a one time registration fee is due for each athlete's family. Each athlete will be part of a 12 month payment plan in order to participate in the CFA Program. Monthly tuition includes program dues and monthly tumbling cost. A 12 month cost break down can be provided by Director Dina.

What is the practice schedule?
Each team in the CFA program practices twice a week. In addition, each athlete is required to attend one hour of tumbling per week. Practices run all year lon
How are team placements determined?

Every athlete will be placed on a team based on division age, tumbling skill, and stunting position needed for each team. Team Placements are not permanent. A cheerleader can be moved at any time to any team upon the discretion of the CFA Directors. Please see the level tumbling chart below.

What tumbling is needed for each level?

Below is a tumbling guide for each level. However, often just because an athlete has a level’s specific tumbling skill does not mean that athlete will be placed on a certain team. Many factors play in to team placements. It is mandatory for all CFA athletes to take tumbling to increase their strenghth, knowledge, safety and progression.

Level 1

Standing: Forward/backward roll, front walkover/back walkover- toe touch forward roll- handstand into forward roll, cartwheels

Running: cartwheels, round offs, round off back walkover, front walkover

Level 2

Standing: Single back handspring, back walkover-back handspring combo. T-Jump into standing back handspring. 

Running: Round off- back handspring, round off- back handspring series, front walkover-round off-back handspring

Level 3

Standing: Series back handspring, jump to back handspring combo

Running: round off–back handspring-tuck, round off-tuck, front walkover to round off-back handspring-tucks, punch fronts. combo passes


Will my athlete be asked to travel?


The majority of our competitions are locally based with a few that do require travel. All are mandatory.


Can parents watch?


At our practice facility we utilize every inch of space we have for our teams to practice. Therefore parents are not allowed to stay and watch their athlete practice. It is also against our insurance policy to allow non-insured individuals on our blue practice mats which are laid out across the entire gym.

Do you offer a Special Abilities team?

Yes! CFA with the help of Bayonne's Recreational Department offers a FREE program open to boys and girls ages 4-18 with special needs. This team will practice at the CFA Cheer Gym, every other Thursday from 4:00-5:00pm. Our Show Stoppers team will travel locally only. . 

Can I volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers! From fundraising, assisting at competitions, and helping in the CFA office, we are always open to all help and appreciate all help offered! 

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