What are the age requirements for your program?

CFA accepts boys and girls ages 4 through 18.

Why should my child choose CFA?


Our program is the most affordable and fun cheerleading program around. We love kids, enjoying coaching, encourage our athletes in more aspects than just performance and believe in having fun while working hard.

Besides team practice are there any other obligations that my athlete needs to make?


Team practices occur one-two times per week and are mandatory.  In addition to this, athletes on the mini team and above are required to take tumbling class one day a week at our facility. It is also mandatory that all CFA athletes cheer for the local Bayonne flag football teams.


What is my athlete expected to wear and bring to practice?


All cheer athletes should wear comfortable work out gear, preferably CFA cheer gear. They should also wear cheer shoes and hair MUST be in a high ponytail with all hair away from the athlete’s face. No jewelry is to be worn at any time, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and belly rings.

At competitions athletes are expected to be in full uniform with hair completely done with bow in at all times! Athletes may wear CFA jackets or hoodies over their uniforms. However, nothing besides the uniform, cheer gear, and cheer shoes are to be worn while at the competition.

Cheerleaders are also to bring water to practice. Water and Gatorade are available for sale in the CFA office.

What is the cost of the program?

Our program is the most affordable program around. Yearly costs are divided by a 10 month payment plan that is the same cost every month! .Please note, we do offer sibling discount. In addition all athletes  (except for the Tiny and Special Needs teams) are required to attend CFA's tumbling class which is $12 per class paid for on a monthly basis. Questions in regards to programcost please contact Director Dina @ 551-221-4127.

What types of fundraising do you offer?

Since we are a recreational team we do offer monthly canning opportunities to all athletes to help offset program costs. In addition, we offer period fundraising. .

How are team placements determined?

Every athlete will be placed on a team based on division age, tumbling skill, and stunting position needed for each team. Team Placements are not permanent. A cheerleader can be moved at any time to any team upon the discretion of the CFA Directors. Please see the age guideline here and level tumbling chart below.

What tumbling is needed for each level?

Below is a tumbling guide for each level. However, often just because an athlete has a level’s specific tumbling does not mean that athlete will be placed on a certain team. Many factors play in to team placements. It is mandatory for all CFA athletes (except for our Tiny team) to enroll in tumbling class to increase their knowledge, safety and progression.

Level 1

Standing: Forward/backward roll, front walkover/back walkover- toe touch forward roll- handstand into forward roll, cartwheels

Running: cartwheels, round offs, round off back walkover, front walkover

Level 2

Standing: Single back handspring, back walkover-back handspring combo. T-Jump into standing back handspring. 

Running: Round off- back handspring, round off- back handspring series, front walkover-round off-back handspring

Level 3

Standing: Series back handspring, jump to back handspring combo

Running: round off–back handspring-tuck, round off-tuck, front walkover to round off-back handspring-tucks, punch fronts. combo passes


Will my athlete be asked to travel?


The majority of our competitions are locally based with a few that do require travel. All are mandatory.


Can parents watch?


At our practice facility we utilize every inch of space we have for our teams to practice. Therefore parents are not allowed to stay and watch their athlete practice. It is also against our insurance policy to allow non-insured individuals on our blue practice mats which are laid out across the entire gym.

Can my Special Needs Child join?

Yes! CFA with the help of Bayonne's Recreational Department offers a FREE program open to boys and girls ages 4-18 with special needs. This team will practice at a separate facility which has been provided to us by the City of Bayonne. This facility is handicap accessible. Our Show Stoppers team will travel locally only. Practice is every other Sunday from 10am-12pm. 

Is there a parent committee?

The CFA Parent Committee is led by Royalty team mom, Jamie. The parent committee will help assist in CFA fundraisers, events, holiday parties, team activities, etc. If you are interested in joining you can speak to Jamie or text Mrs. O'Hare for her contact information.